Hi, I'm Olivia.  I am the lead designer at HartleyCox so the person you are most likely to talk to on the phone or have a consultation with.
I set up HartleyCox in 2018 with one aim in mind.  To provide a range of interior design services to those who may have never used an interior designer before.  Clients who were perhaps nervous of the process, or thought that the service was only for those with huge budgets.
I have worked in design for 20 years, have 2 degrees in 2 different design disciplines and years of experience of renovating homes.
I am passionate about the effect that a well designed room or home can have on a persons wellbeing.  That feeling that your home is your sanctuary, and that this should not be the preserve of the mega rich and famous.
Everyone deserves to breathe that sigh of relief when they open their front door to a beautifully designed and well considered space that reflects their tastes and lifestyle.
Perhaps you don't have the time, or confidence or would just like to sit back and let someone else help.
Please do call to arrange a consultation and I can discuss the range of services that we offer.
Best Wishes